ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS – El Ocaso del Quinto Sol / The Dusk of the Fifth Sun


The Dusk of the Fifth Sun / El Ocaso del Quinto Sol:
An interactive sound shrine by ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS

It was said that, even before time itself began, Ometecuhtli and
Omecihuatl, the Lord and Lordess of the Duality in Aztec religion had 4 childs; 4 incarnations of the Sun.

They were given the task of creating the world, to give life to other
gods and, finally, to the human species that would praise them.

Each sibling represented an order, a time, a space, a cardinal point
and a color:

The red was named Xipe Totec.

The black, Tezcatlipoca.

The yellow, Huitzilopochtli

And the white, Quetzalcóatl.

When the siblings went on with their task, four worlds, four Suns and
four human species where successively created and destroyed.

The first human species was devoured by tigers. The second, converted into apes. The third, trnsformed into birds. The fourth turned into fish.

We are now living in the time of the fifth sun in which the ancient
Tonalpohualli calendar has predicted:
“When the fifth human species witness the apparition the four
Quetzalcoatl siblings facing the four cardinal point with the Sun
hanging in the middle of them, it is a sign that the dusk of the fifth
Sun is near”…

• The dusk of the fifth Sun is an interactive sound shrine
installation by ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS (Moisés Horta Valenzuela, México-USA, 1988) that questions the notion of technological progress within contemporary Western society through a juxtapositional narrative of prehispanic Aztec Mythology and the non-intended use of current ubiquitous artifacts such as Fidget spinners and smartphones.

The artwork was premiered at Galleri Rum/Klang in Jyderup, Denmark and was made possible with the support of the Danish Art Council.