d͢a̛t̃a̫b̼e͔n̆t͐: intro to sound composition using raw data @ 24kvm [Gothenburg, Sweden]


*This is the compilation of compositions produced at the workshop held @ 24kvm in Gothenburg, Sweden on the 12 of January 2017

Currently we live immersed in a digital ecology in which we consume a variety of formats. From the visually rich .jpg to the now ubiquitous .mp3, all come from a series of binary digits whose function is to give a pragmatic use to computers. Regardless of the format of each file, their raw data can be “sonified” with the objective to be reproduced as sound, turning them into the primary source for aesthetic experimentation in a musical composition.

In this workshop we addressed the following questions as a theoretical starting point:

• What creative opportunities does databending offer in the creating of new sound textures?
• What role does the aleatoric behaviour of databending have in our process of composition that other sound design composional methods lack?
• Can we create a dialogue with the computer through the sonification of raw data that the databending process offers?